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By adding 100kw of Solar energy CCC have shown their true colours and intentions for the future, with an eye on energy management and self-generation they have set the business on a sustainable path for the next generation. CCC have an ideal south facing roof which is capable of accommodating 100kw of Solar panels (400 panels), which goes to meet a huge portion of their electricity demand and will in fact take them off grid during summer months

” After reviewing several quotes it was decided that it would be in our best interests to go with a 100kw-Commercial-Solar-Panel-Installation-Chesterfield-Corrugated-Case-Co-Ltd-Inverterslocal company that had a good reputation and selected Custom Solar of Chesterfield.  Custom Solar met with us and completed a thorough detailed survey of the premises to ensure that there would be no problems installing our 100kw system. They provided help and assistance in completing all the required paperwork involved, the installation went very smoothly with them complying with all our health and safety requirements and concerns, there was minimal disruption to the day to day workings in our very busy factory and yard. The installation took just over two weeks and that included some bad weather where they couldn’t work, we have noticed a substantial reduction in our first electric bill, the first of many, so let’s hope for a nice sunny summer and autumn!” Andrew Levers, Finance Director

System Size: 100kWp

Estimated System Annual Performance:  87,799 kilowatt hours

Estimated System worth over 25 years: £469,679

CO2 Savings per annum: 78,488 kg

Duration of Installation: 2 Weeks