We are delighted to welcome Gareth Pilkington as our newly appointed Commercial Manager commencing his duties in May 2016

This is a new position reflecting the growth and ambition of the company. In his new role Gareth will have the full responsibility of commercial matters within the company.

A keen former rugby union player, coach and now Chairman of his local club, Gareth has had many years of experience with the print media and packaging sectors and he will provide an experienced and steadying hand across our internal sales, design and manufacturing functions.

Whilst Gareth will spend the majority of his time in the office he will soon be introduced to a number of accounts where we see value in making the “house” accounts for him to look after and cultivate both internally and externally.

Gareth can be contacted either by phone on 01246 860990 or by email garethp@corrugatedcase.com

We wish him well.

In response Gareth is quoted as saying :-

“ I am looking forward to putting my previous experience to good use both internally and externally. I hope to quickly become a valuable asset externally for our customers helping them achieve the outcome they require and internally ensuring as a company we continue to be as efficient as possible and grow as a result.”