What are you doing this summer?

Four members of CCC ( Tony, Mark, Andrew and Gareth) have set themselves a target of becoming more healthy and losing weight before the end of Summer.

After a general chat about personal goals and what people were doing over the summer months Tony (for purely personal reasons as he’s getting married in September) suggested a bet amongst the four to see who could lose the most weight before his big day. Talk was cheap (and so were the wagers that were being banded about!) but they all agreed that they needed to do something to become more healthy so the challenge was accepted and timelines were set.

At the official weigh in the results showed that there is some serious work to be done over the next 10 weeks.

Tony ( big Boy ) Hession                        15st 10lb 2oz

Gareth ( the outhouse ) Pilkington         16st 13lb 4oz

Mark ( weeble ) Wilcockson                   13st 8lb 9oz

Andrew ( haystack ) Levers                    13st 4lb

The attempt to ban biscuits in the office has already been scoffed at (pardon the pun) so it’s going to be down to pure will power and hard work. Looking at some of the weights posted that’s going to be a lot of hard work!

Charity benefits

To incentivise the challenge and to make sure that others benefit from the dedication and misery involved CCC have, as a company, proposed a more charitable (and more generous) outcome than the personal bets that were flying. They are going to donate £5 per 1lb lost, to the Ashgate Hospice. This they are hoping it will be more of an incentive to those who are involved and in the process help raise some much needed cash for this local charity. If anyone wants to donate to this cause separately or just find out about what they do then please see the following link.



Weigh-ins will be fortnightly with updates from the 4 participants being posted here.

Let’s see who has the will power to avoid the beer and BBQ’s for the next 10 weeks and make themselves feel better in doing so!

People will need your encouragement as I am sure that there will be casualties along the way! Most probably the odd croissant, sausage cob or pint or 2!!

Wish us luck – or alternatively if you see Tony, Mark or Andy then please offer them a biscuit as one invariably leads to 2 or 3.