Que the X factor style music, exploding glitter and literally 1 panting fan (that will be the resident dog Murphy) the office this morning was a tense and exciting place to be. After 10 weeks of strict dieting running in conjunction with a robust health and fitness program we have fantastic news, great results and some new shapes in the office……

Hang on a minute who am I trying to kid!

The office was quiet, the only noise being that of the telephone and the hum of the machines in the background, the only thing that was tense was Marks bicep as he strained to take out his wallet before he stood on the scales trying to ensure that he was a light as possible. The 1 fan however was real – yet the only reason he was interested in any of the goings on was that he was hungry and thought someone might feed him. As for the diets and fitness programs well lets just leave that there shall we – the intentions at least were all good.

We undertook this challenge to push and help Tony in his quest to attain the perfect body before he got married, at the same time hoping that we could raise some money for a well deserving local charity and with 3 of us having been on holiday during this period I don’t think that we could have chosen a more challenging time.

As a group we have done well – please note here, that at CCC we work as a team. As such we all have different skills and abilities and some excel at certain tasks more than others.

In this task, as the results back up, it seems that both Andy and Tony have the ability to deny themselves the treats, be holier than thou and keep on track (either that or they starved themselves for the 2 days prior) both losing 9 lb. Whereas both Mark and Gareth have bumbled along behind them falling foul of the dirty tricks brigade succumbing to the odd biscuit that was left temptingly on the tables in the office. Despite this both lost weight although admittedly not a huge amount with Mark -2lb and Gareth -1lb at least they were losses.

It means that the grand total was a loss of 21 lb and as Tony was so happy with his result (and his new body J ) he changed his mind and upped the donation to £10 per 1Lb lost. On top of this as none of the team got near what they had aimed ashgate-hospice for the final amount we are donating to Ashgate Hospice will be £300.

Start weight          End weight

Tony ( big Boy ) Hession                        15st 10lb 2oz      15st 1lb

Gareth ( the outhouse ) Pilkington         16st 13lb 4oz      16st 12lb 3oz

Mark ( weeble ) Wilcockson                   13st 8lb 9oz        13st 6lb 6oz

Andrew ( haystack ) Levers                    13st 4lb             12st 7lb

Oh – some of you might be thinking about the comment earlier about new shapes – well round is a shape…. Isn’t it?